Samstag, 20. September 2008

Warum ich bei Ebay Topkunde geworden bin?

Dieses Lied erklärt echt alles!

Ich hab geheult vor Lachen!!!

Auszug des Texts:

"My house is filled with this crap
shows up in bubblewrap
'most everyday
what I bought on Eeebay!


I buy your nick nack
just check my feedback
A+++ they all say
they love me on Eeeebay!

Gona buy
a slightly damaged gulf bag
gooona buuy
some Beanie Babies new with pack
from some guy
I've never met in Norway
found him on Eeebaaay!

I am the type who
is liable to snipe you
with two seconds left to go
That Paypal or Visa
whatever I'll please ya
as long as I've got the dough!"

->>> So geil, jedes Wort trifft zu!
Also ranhalten, die Ebay-Top-Kundenlounge ist nicht weit! :-D

*lach* Ich kann nimmer!

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